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Labs & Technologies

Pathophysiological and Health Science Team

―Utilizing Molecules― Translational study from animal to human

Team Leader
Yasuyoshi Watanabe  M.D., Ph.D.

6-7-3 Minatojima-minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0047, Japan
Tel: +81-78-304-7101


Research Area

Our team has been working as a hub of all teams and units in our Division of Bio-Function Dynamics Imaging. Namely, we have developed a number of novel molecular probes in collaboration with laboratories of chemistry teams, clinical application unit, bio-function imaging team, cellular function imaging team, and next-generation imaging team. In particular our team focused on the development of the methodologies for molecular imaging by using macromolecular probes, such as peptides, proteins, nucleic acids, and glyco-conjugates. For evaluation of the probes and to demonstrate the usefulness of the probes, we employed several animal models of diseases and also pre-disease state such as fatigue. We also demonstrated the usefulness of PET molecular imaging in drug development; namely, pharmacokinetics (PK) studies and drug delivery systems (DDS) studies. In the other mission of our team, elaboration of PET measurement has been attempted for gaining much more accurate and highly quantitative VOI values. Then, our team is also responsible for translational research and clinical studies for stepping up the outcome of basic researches to clinical application and drug discovery.


We developed a new PET probe, [11C]dehydropravastatin, and successfully clarified the functional change of hepatobiliary transport and renal excretion caused by drug-drug interactions and genetic polymorphisms using PET with non-invasiveness and high sensitivity. Clinical research is on-going.

Main Publications List


Ni/Cu-Catalyzed Defluoroborylation of Fluoroarenes for Diverse C-F Bond Functionalizations

Niwa T, Ochiai H, Watanabe Y, Hosoya T
J Am Chem Soc, 137(45), 14313-14318 (2015).

Less efficient and costly processes of frontal cortex in childhood chronic fatigue syndrome

Mizuno K, Tanaka M, Tanabe HC, Joudoi T, Kawatani J, Shigihara Y, Tomoda A, Miike T, Imai-Matsumura K, Sadato N, Watanabe Y.
Neuroimage Clin., 9, 355-368 (2015).

Synthesis of 11C-Labeled Thiamine and Fursultiamine for in Vivo Molecular Imaging of Vitamin B1 and Its Prodrug Using Positron Emission Tomography.

Doi H, Mawatari A, Kanazawa M, Nozaki S, Nomura Y, Kitayoshi T, Akimoto K, Suzuki M, Ninomiya S, Watanabe Y.
J Org Chem, 80(12), 6250-6258 (2015).

A voxel-based analysis of brain activity in high-order trigeminal pathway in the rat induced by cortical spreading depression.

Cui YL, Toyoda H, Sako T, Onoe K, Hayashinaka E, Wada Y, Yokoyama C, Onoe H, Kataoka Y, Watanabe Y.
Neuroimage, 108, 17-22 (2015).

[11C]Cetrozole: an Improved C-[11C]Methylated PET Probe for Aromatase Imaging in the Brain.

Takahashi K, Hosoya T, Onoe K, Doi H, Nagata H, Hiramatsu T, Li XL, Watanabe Y, Wada Y, Takashima T, Suzuki M, Onoe H, Watanabe Y.
J Nucl Med, 55(5), 852-857 (2014).

PET Imaging Analysis with 64Cu in Disulfiram Treatment for Aberrant Copper Bio-distribution in Menkes Disease Mouse Model

Nomura S, Nozaki S, Hamazaki T, Takeda T, Ninomiya E, Kudo S, Hayashinaka E, Wada Y, Hiroki T, Fujisawa C, Kodama H, Shintaku H, Watanabe Y.
J Nucl Med, 55(5), 845-851 (2014).

Quantitative evaluation of the improvement in the pharmacokinetics of a nucleic acid drug delivery system by dynamic PET imaging with F-18-incorporated oligodeoxynucleotides

Mukai H, Ozaki D, Cui Y, Kuboyama T, Yamato-Nagata H, Onoe K, Takahashi M, Wada Y, Imanishi T, Kodama T, Obika S, Suzuki M, Doi H, Watanabe Y.
J Control Release, 180, 92-99 (2014).

Neuroinflammation in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis: an 11C-(R)-PK11195 PET study.

Nakatomi Y, Mizuno K, Ishii A, Wada Y, Tanaka M, Tazawa S, Onoe K, Fukuda S, Kawabe J, Takahashi K, Kataoka Y, Shiomi S, Yamaguti K, Inaba M, Kuratsune H, Watanabe Y.
J Nucl Med, 55(6), 945-950 (2014).

64Cu-DOTA-trastuzumab PET imaging in patients with HER2-positive breast cancer.

Tamura K, Kurihara H, Yonemori K, Tsuda H, Suzuki J, Kono Y, Honda N, Kodaira M, Yamamoto H, Yunokawa M, Shimizu C, Hasegawa K, Kanayama Y, Nozaki S, Kinoshita T, Wada Y, Tazawa S, Takahashi K, Watanabe Y, Fujiwara Y.
J Nucl Med, 54(11), 1869-1875 (2013).

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